West Highland way run 153 km / 4.500 HM

West Highland way run 153 km / 4.500 HM

Freitag, 30. Januar 2009

lets try it in english

I noticed that most of Blog hits are located in England.
So i try to switch the language. (and sorry for my bad English)

I just booked the flight tickets for the run.
So there is no way back.
WHW Run 2009 - I am coming !
We will go by Ryanair from Bratislava to Edinburgh on 17. of June.
And back on 26. of June.

The tickets were very cheap (about 100 € each)

0,99 € for the ticket
30 € for one peace of luggage.
10 € for credit card payment
60 € handling and insurance !!!

Now i am looking for a cheap car to hire for the trip and a location to stay in Fort William. (22.6 to 24.6)
Any ideas ?

After two weeks of illness (Influenza) i will try a short and slow run tomorrow (about 12 km)
Hope everything is OK.

Yesterday i had our first meeting with my support crew. (Peter Ludwig and Gerhard Buchgeher)

So everything is going fine for the moment.

Greetings from the very cold and snowy Austria. (hope spring is coming soon)



  1. Hi Martin,
    We stayed at the Nevis Bank Hotel in Fort William. It's right next to the race finish and it's where everyone meets for drinks on Sunday night.