West Highland way run 153 km / 4.500 HM

West Highland way run 153 km / 4.500 HM

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

Want to see me naked ?

Hi out there !

After my sudden end of the WHW run 2009 finaly the doctors found what happend to me.

I have about 10 big kidney stones. See the nice picture.

And a part of such a stone found a way to my bladder during the run.

The result was a very intense pain and my sudden drop out.
I went to go to the wonderful glasgow hospital.
Told the doctors that i run today more than a marathon (it was about 8 am !) and about my pain.
They dont belived me - thought im a litte bit silly ! (maybe i am)
Nobody in the hospital know about the WHW Run.

Only got some pills against my pain.

So back in Austria i went to several doctors an now i am prepairing for the hospital tomorrow.
Will stay for about 3 days.

Hope that everything is OK afterwards and am thinking about WHW 2010.....


Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

aus und vorbei

Komme grad aus dem Spital in Glasgow

Ich habe nach 43 km einen Krampf in der Blase bekommen.

Ist sehr schmerzhaft. An weiterlaufen war nicht zu denken

Obwohl die Füße noch wunderbar in Ordnung waren.

Das wars dann.

Melde mich wieder

Ein frustrierter






The runners are running

After the last briefing the run started at 1am. The start is amazing, everyone seems highly motivated, nobody is worried.  At least this was my impression….

The support team made it to the first checkpoint in time.

Per E-Mail senden: IMG_1794

Per E-Mail senden: IMG_1794

Marrtin startet

Wir sind jetzt im Norden von Glasgow wo der Start ist. Letzte Vorbereitungen werden gemacht, bald ist die letzte Besprechung-----

Freitag, 12. Juni 2009

So thats it.

So thats it.

The last trainings run is just over.
Did a very slow 12 km run today (The slowest run for me this year)

After 1.343 km and 30.500 meter ascending my training is finished.
Nothing left to do.

What should i do the next week ?
Have plenty of time now !

Watch TV ?
Go to the pub ?
Sleep ?

Any ideas ?

Thaks for your support.
See you in 7 days


Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

1000 km !

Today i finished my first 1000 km this year. (22.000 Meter ascending !)
Had a wonderful 30 km run in the hills arround Linz. (Kürnberg is the name of the hill im running almost every day)

Thats much too less as planned.
I should be at about 1400 km.
But because of my illness in January and February and very bad weather in March i am far behind my plan.

So i have three options :

1.) Dario : Would you be so kind and move the WHW 2009 from June to July !
Hm - Dont think he will do so.

2.) Run 800 km in May
This will be too hard.

3.) Accept this and give the best June.
This seems to be the best (and only) option.

I have one question to you :
How many KM (Miles are OK also - there is a very complex formula to translate them to KM but i think i can manage that) you have run this year.
Much more - or less then my 1000 ?
Would be great to know.


Montag, 6. April 2009

No news are good news (sometimes)

So summer has arrived.
Spring started 4 days ago and ended yesterday.

From 0 to more then 20 degrees in just 5 days !
Thats cool.
Thats my weather to run.

After a terrible start this year (many times ill and injured) i am now starting to increase my milage.
I am now running > 100 km a week and feeling well.
Not very fast, but without any pain.
And getting stronger every day.
Not too early.
Just 74 days left.
I was thinking about not to run the WHW this year, but now i am sure that i can do it.
So i am coming !
The only thing i changed is my target for the run.

I thought that i can do it under xx:xx hours (no i dont tell you my exact plans)

OK -- below 2X:XX

My only target is from now on to finish.

Greetings from a warm and sunny Austria

Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

The good news and the bad one

Lets start with the good news !
1.) Spring is coming !
After 3 weeks of snow and rain the first sun !

2.) My friend Reinhard Wögerbauer will be part of my crew !
He is an professional physiotherapist and was part of an Race accross America Team in 2005.
So he is perfect for the job.
He promised to do his best to bring me to Fort Willi.

The bad news :
I am still not in good condition and just four month left.
My influenza was five weeks ago and i am still suffering.
My hope is that spring will bring back my energy.
I am 200 km behind my plan for the first two month.
So i really have to hurry up and make some long runs.

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009

without words (almost)

I was ill in January for two weeks ! (just 160 km in january)
Started to run in Februar very well and now that.
So now i have an useless training plan and getting little bit nervous.
This is not my year.
Hope it will be better in march.
If not - Do anyone of you know a warm, comfort and secure country not so far away ?

I am thinking of buying an treadmill before i will get fat and lazy.

Freitag, 30. Januar 2009

lets try it in english

I noticed that most of Blog hits are located in England.
So i try to switch the language. (and sorry for my bad English)

I just booked the flight tickets for the run.
So there is no way back.
WHW Run 2009 - I am coming !
We will go by Ryanair from Bratislava to Edinburgh on 17. of June.
And back on 26. of June.

The tickets were very cheap (about 100 € each)

0,99 € for the ticket
30 € for one peace of luggage.
10 € for credit card payment
60 € handling and insurance !!!

Now i am looking for a cheap car to hire for the trip and a location to stay in Fort William. (22.6 to 24.6)
Any ideas ?

After two weeks of illness (Influenza) i will try a short and slow run tomorrow (about 12 km)
Hope everything is OK.

Yesterday i had our first meeting with my support crew. (Peter Ludwig and Gerhard Buchgeher)

So everything is going fine for the moment.

Greetings from the very cold and snowy Austria. (hope spring is coming soon)


Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009

Martin ist krank

Jetzt hat es mich ziemlich erwischt.
Liege mit Grippe im Bett und werde für mindestens 10 Tage nicht laufen können.
Sowas haut jeden Plan über den Haufen.
Draußen hat es jetzt erstmals über 0 Grad, ich könnte jede Menge KM machen, daraus wird nun momentan nichts.
Mein Plan für Jänner waren 320 km. Jetzt habe ich erst 160 und viel mehr werden es nicht werden.
Kann ich nur hoffen dass der Februar wieder besser wird.
Ich verfolge fleißig die WHW Blogupdatesund beneide alle die grad laufen können.
Kanns nicht erwarten auch wieder raus zu dürfen.

Montag, 12. Januar 2009

Und es wird kalt und immer kälter

Jetzt wo die Tage länger werden geht es mit den Temperaturen nach unten.
Heute waren es nur mehr -8 Grad.
Ich habe derzeit 125 km hinter mir und liege 15 km hinter meinem Plan. Mal sehen ob ich dieses Monat die geplanten 320 km schaffe. Wird hart.
In Glasgow waren es heute +9 Grad. Über 1.000 km weiter nördlich und 17 Grad mehr als hier in Leonding.
Das ist nicht fair.
Ich will +15 Grad !!!
P.S.: Die Startliste ist jetzt final.
Von mir gibt es auch schon ein Foto.
Und hier gibt es ein paar super Fotos aus Schottland (dort ist es im Winter genial zu laufen)

Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

Erster langer Lauf heute (>20 km)

Bin heute bei -8 Grad und Wind von Kirchschlag über GIS nach Leonding gelaufen. Macht bei diesen Temperaturen eigentlich keinen Spaß.
Der Großteil der Strecke ist Wanderweg, der völlig vereist ist. Bei jedem Schritt hat man Angst auszurutschen.
Hoffentlich wird es bald Frühling. Ist eine tolle Strecke die im Sommer sicher Spaß macht.
Der Plan ist ab sofort einmal die Woche einen Lauf zwischen 25 und 30 km.
Kaum vorzustellen dass es im Juni dann 5 * 30 km an einem Tag werden.

Die Strecke in Google Earth

Von Kirchschlag nach Leoding

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