West Highland way run 153 km / 4.500 HM

West Highland way run 153 km / 4.500 HM

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

Want to see me naked ?

Hi out there !

After my sudden end of the WHW run 2009 finaly the doctors found what happend to me.

I have about 10 big kidney stones. See the nice picture.

And a part of such a stone found a way to my bladder during the run.

The result was a very intense pain and my sudden drop out.
I went to go to the wonderful glasgow hospital.
Told the doctors that i run today more than a marathon (it was about 8 am !) and about my pain.
They dont belived me - thought im a litte bit silly ! (maybe i am)
Nobody in the hospital know about the WHW Run.

Only got some pills against my pain.

So back in Austria i went to several doctors an now i am prepairing for the hospital tomorrow.
Will stay for about 3 days.

Hope that everything is OK afterwards and am thinking about WHW 2010.....


Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

aus und vorbei

Komme grad aus dem Spital in Glasgow

Ich habe nach 43 km einen Krampf in der Blase bekommen.

Ist sehr schmerzhaft. An weiterlaufen war nicht zu denken

Obwohl die Füße noch wunderbar in Ordnung waren.

Das wars dann.

Melde mich wieder

Ein frustrierter






The runners are running

After the last briefing the run started at 1am. The start is amazing, everyone seems highly motivated, nobody is worried.  At least this was my impression….

The support team made it to the first checkpoint in time.

Per E-Mail senden: IMG_1794

Per E-Mail senden: IMG_1794

Marrtin startet

Wir sind jetzt im Norden von Glasgow wo der Start ist. Letzte Vorbereitungen werden gemacht, bald ist die letzte Besprechung-----

Freitag, 12. Juni 2009

So thats it.

So thats it.

The last trainings run is just over.
Did a very slow 12 km run today (The slowest run for me this year)

After 1.343 km and 30.500 meter ascending my training is finished.
Nothing left to do.

What should i do the next week ?
Have plenty of time now !

Watch TV ?
Go to the pub ?
Sleep ?

Any ideas ?

Thaks for your support.
See you in 7 days