West Highland way run 153 km / 4.500 HM

West Highland way run 153 km / 4.500 HM

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

Want to see me naked ?

Hi out there !

After my sudden end of the WHW run 2009 finaly the doctors found what happend to me.

I have about 10 big kidney stones. See the nice picture.

And a part of such a stone found a way to my bladder during the run.

The result was a very intense pain and my sudden drop out.
I went to go to the wonderful glasgow hospital.
Told the doctors that i run today more than a marathon (it was about 8 am !) and about my pain.
They dont belived me - thought im a litte bit silly ! (maybe i am)
Nobody in the hospital know about the WHW Run.

Only got some pills against my pain.

So back in Austria i went to several doctors an now i am prepairing for the hospital tomorrow.
Will stay for about 3 days.

Hope that everything is OK afterwards and am thinking about WHW 2010.....



  1. Martin,

    I suppose that's an excusable reason for a DNF! I heard someone had been carted off in the race, so now we know why. That would be a new one, even for the battle-hardened doctors on the Glasgow Royal's early Sunday morning shift.

    Speedy recovery and hope you make it back for 2010.


  2. That is a very bad new, hope you well get well soon.