West Highland way run 153 km / 4.500 HM

West Highland way run 153 km / 4.500 HM

Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

The good news and the bad one

Lets start with the good news !
1.) Spring is coming !
After 3 weeks of snow and rain the first sun !

2.) My friend Reinhard Wögerbauer will be part of my crew !
He is an professional physiotherapist and was part of an Race accross America Team in 2005.
So he is perfect for the job.
He promised to do his best to bring me to Fort Willi.

The bad news :
I am still not in good condition and just four month left.
My influenza was five weeks ago and i am still suffering.
My hope is that spring will bring back my energy.
I am 200 km behind my plan for the first two month.
So i really have to hurry up and make some long runs.


  1. Hi Martin,
    Thats a beautiful picture you have at the top of your page.
    I can't comment on your training coz I know nothing about it, Im only a marshall!!
    Anyway, keep blogging. See you at the halfway point in June.

    Mrs Mac

  2. Thanks. Picture is from my walking tour on the Dachstein. More pictures can be found here :